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Innovative Networks Business Services and Commercial High-Speed Internet Acceptable Use Policy has been revised to clarify the following:
  • The Service cannot be resold or otherwise made available to anyone on the Premises or outside the Premises (i.e. wi-fi, "hotspots", or other methods of networking), directly or indirectly, unless done with Innovative Networks written approval in accordance with an applicable Service plan.
  • The Service cannot be made available to anyone other than you or your authorized employees or contractors unless done with Innovative Networks written approval in accordance with an applicable Service plan.
  • The Service cannot be used to send unsolicited bulk or commercial messages or "spam" in violation of the law.
  • We encourage you to read the entire Acceptable Use Policy for a complete understanding of our acceptable use policies.
  • Acceptable Use Policy

    Acceptable Use PolicyFor High-Speed Internet Services

    I.  Prohibited Uses and Activities

    II. Customer Conduct and Features of the Service

    III. Network Management

    IV. Data Consumption

    V. Violation of this Acceptable Use Policy

    VI. Copyright

    Terms And Conditions

    1. This Innovative Networks Business Service Order Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which Innovative Networks, LLC and its operating affiliates ("INET") will provide the Services to Customer. This Innovative Networks Business Class Service Order Agreement consists of this document ("SOA"), the standard Innovative Networks Business Class Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions"), and any jointly executed amendments ("Amendments"), collectively referred to as the "Agreement". In the event of inconsistency among these documents, precedence will be as follows: (1) Amendments, (2) Terms and Conditions, and (3) this SOA. This Agreement shall commence and become a legally binding agreement upon Customer's execution of the SOA. The Agreement shall terminate as set forth in the Terms and Conditions (http://in-networks.com/mainsupport/terms-and-conditions). All capitalized terms not defined in this SOA shall reflect the definitions given to them in the Terms and Conditions. Use of the Services is also subject to the then current High-Speed Internet for Business Acceptable Use Policy located at http://in-networks.com/mainsupport/terms-and-conditions (or any successor URL), and the then current High-Speed Internet for Business Privacy Policy located at http://in-networks.com/mainsupport/terms-and-conditions (or any successor URL), both of which Innovative Networks may update from time to time.

    2. Each Innovative Networks Business Class Service ("Service") carries a 30 day money back guarantee. If within the first thirty days following Service activation Customer is not completely satisfied, Customer may cancel Service and Innovative Networks llc will issue a refund for Service charges actually paid by Customer, custom installation, voice usage charges, and optional service fees excluded. In order to be eligible for the refund, Customer must cancel Service within thirty days of activation and return any Innovative Networks-provided equipment in good working order. In no event shall the refund exceed $300.00.


    E911 NOTICE
    Innovative Networks Business Class Voice service ("Voice") may have the E911 limitations specified below:
    • In order for 911 calls to be properly directed to emergency services using Voice, Innovative Networks must have the correct service address for the Voice Customer. If Voice is moved to a different location without Innovative Networks approval, 911 calls may be directed to the wrong emergency authority, may transmit the wrong address, and/or Voice (including 911) may fail altogether.
    • Voice uses electrical power in the Customer's premises. If there is an electrical power outage, 911 calling may be interrupted if the battery back-up in the associated multimedia terminal adapter is not installed, fails, or is exhausted after several hours.
    • Voice calls, including calls to 911, may not be completed if there is a problem with network facilities, including network congestion, network/equipment/power failure, or another technical problem.
    • Innovative Networks will need several business days to update a Customer service address in the E911 system. All change requests and questions should be directed to 1-855-GO4-INET. USE OF VOICE AFTER DELIVERY OF THIS DOCUMENT CONSTITUTES CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE E911 NOTICE ABOVE.

    4. To complete a Voice order, Customer must execute a Innovative Networks Letter or Authorization ("LOA") and submit it to Innovative Networks, or Innovative Networks third party order entry integrator, as directed by Innovative Networks.

    5. New telephone numbers are subject to change prior to the install. Customers should not print their new number on stationery or cards until after the install is complete.

    6. Modifications: All modifications to the Agreement, if any, must be captured in a written Amendment, executed by an authorized Innovative Networks Senior Vice President and the Customer. All other attempts to modify the Agreement shall be void and non-binding on Innovative Networks. Customer by signing below, agrees and accepts the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.
    Terms And Conditions
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